Github actions checkout missing files .gitattributes export-ignore

Currently I am implementing Github Actions in a project. My workflow file contains a actions/checkout@v2 step as I need the files of the current branch.

Unfortunately this checkout step does not include files that have been defined as export-ignore in the .gitattributes file.

It looks like other repositories are doing the exact same thing without any issues.

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Anybody has any experience with this or had the same issues?

Github links:

For unkown reasons it works again without any changes.

I’ve hit the same problem, also for a PHP library.

Fixed by using @v1, as stated in this other post Using container checkout doesn't checkout hidden files - #2 by weide-zhou , which I originally saw here checkout@v2 doesn't include dot starting files when running on the docker container · Issue #246 · actions/checkout · GitHub