Github Actions Check Suite Status Event to Slack Integration

I have the Github Slack integration set up and I would like to have my action’s completion/failure status reported to Slack. The action runs on “push”. I subscribed to statuses for the Repo but I am not seeing the workflow output in Slack. I did a bit of digging and found that a Check Suite is being successfully generated and that a Check Run is sent from the action and is updated to when the action completes. The status of the check run is “completed” and the conclusion is “success”. I see the output of the check run as:

"title": null,
  "summary": null,
  "text": null,
  "annotations_count": 0,
  "annotations_url": "<user>/<repo>/check-runs/<id>/annotations"

Am I missing something in order to get the result of this Check Suite to go to the Slack integration? Thanks!

On Slack, the statuses option of /github subscribe is for the statuses of check-runs on pull requests, if the workflow runs on push event, the statuses will not be reported on Slack.
More details, you can reference here: