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Build Failed

Workflow Error


### ERRORED 08:40:32Z

- There was an unexpected error when executing this Action. For help debugging what went wrong, please contact

The unique ID for this error is 4321:65F8:25149:623CA:5DE0D97A.


Workflow yaml:

name: CI

on: [push]

    name: Install Tools
    runs-on: ubuntu-18.04
      - name: help
        run: sh -h
      - name: common
        run: sh common
      - name: python
        run: sh python
      - name: java
        run: sh java
      - name: javascript
        run: sh javascript
      - name: docker
        run: sh docker
      - name: terminal
        run: sh terminal
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I noticed an incident for GitHub Actions reported at last Friday (2019-11-29), and this incident has been resolved. The failed workflow may be caused by this incident.
More details about the incident, you can reference here:

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