github-actions bot labeling trigger's not the issue labeled event

I have created an action that add labels to an issue, if a specific word is present in a commit message. Something like closing an issue from the commit message. But I found out that after the github-actions bot add the label to the issue the workflow who starts on labeling an issue did not trigger.

I don’t know if this is intended or it is a bug, but I would like to know this.

Hi korti11,

This is an expected behavior. There is a limitation of workflow: An action in a workflow run can’t trigger a new workflow run. You can see this prompt in

When you use GITHUB_TOKEN in your actions, all of the interactions with the repository are on behalf of the Github-actions bot. The operations act by Github-actions bot

cannot trigger a new workflow.

I would suggest you use your own PAT when add labels to an issue.

Store your PAT in secrets and use ${{ secrets.PAT } in your actions.

add label.png

Then you can see it is you who added a label in the issue. This will trigger the other workflow which is configured:



   types: [labeled]

Thank you very much. That worked perfectly.