GitHub Actions bot email address?

I wanted to commit to the repository from within a workflow. Simply running:

git config --local ""
git config --local "GitHub Action"
git commit -m "Add URL" -a

works, but GitHub action’s icon doesn’t show up. 


I couldn’t find the correct email address for the bot anywhere. Any help would be appreciated!

[nvm, readed words wrong]

This is an expected behavior. In commits author field, it will not show the black github-actions bot icon, just a gray one. It shows the name you specify in git config

Github Actions bot is just a bot account when you do operations with GITHUB_TOKEN. In pull requests, issues page, you can see its icon, but not in commits. Sorry for any inconvenience.  


Would it be easy for GitHub to just assign an email address to the bot account so that commits with that email address would show the bot’s avatar?

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I believe I was able to determine a valid email address to use by copying the format they use for dependabot:[bot]/events/public

All of the commits are from 


…where 27856297 is the user ID for dependabot[bot].

So I tried:

git commit --allow-empty --author="github-actions[bot] <41898282+github-actions[bot]>"

and it seemed to work:


The email address suggested by @ericnorris actually works:


Using this for git config results in:

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.36.08[bot] seems to be the API entry for the github-actions bot, which also contains the ID 41898282.


Yep! This is amazing. @weibeld +rep to you my dude.

Just go to[bot] and use the ID from there :slight_smile: