GitHub Actions badges font-family

Hello, I noticed that GitHub Action badges have a problem: the text font is not the same as the other badges on some devices, it doesn’t fit.

I propose the following solution:  replace font-family=“Verdana” by font-family=“DejaVu Sans, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif” in the SVG template used to generate the badges.


badge_old.png badge_new.png

That’s it, greetings and sorry for my English.


Came here just to open an issue about this. I haven’t found if they have a repository that handles the creation of these badges, so I don’t know if (or where) we could add this modification. I hope this gets a solution.

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I also didn’t find a repository to open an Issue, that’s why I posted here.

Thanks and regards.

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Thanks for reporting this! I believe this should now be fixed.

I believe we even took your suggestion :raised_hands:.

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Hello! Thanks for your attention!

P.S.: “My” suggestion was taken from the badges.