Github actions badge displaying "no status"

I have run many times github actions on my repo without problem and with the same script on one of my repo it is displaying “no status”.
The repo is: GitHub - aurelpere/python-planif: python scripts using openstreertmap and ocsge to compute geothermal building readyness and power to gas stations readyness
I dont understand why it is not displaying a status as the workflow runs correctly…
Any help would be great
thank you

notice my svg badge also shows “no status” at and at )

(following what is in this post : Badge shows "no status" and no status mismatch between the filepath vs name usage or in this post Github Actions badge shows "No status" - Stack Overflow)

I also tried to duplicate the code in another fresh repo and it is the same, the badge shows no status, so it has nothing to do with the fast forward merge issue from here Workflow badge "no status" - #2 by yanjingzhu ):
GitHub - aurelpere/python-geothermal---power-to-gas: 2 scripts for planning geothermal individual installations and fuel stations conversion to power to gas from osm data and ocsge