Github Actions Aren't Appearing in the Actions tab

Hi Everyone,

So this afternoon I discovered Github Actions and decided to setup a basic action to run my tests when I either push to the master branch or push to any development branch.

However, even though I’ve set my action up I can’t see to find the action nor has it been triggered for the first time.

Im not entirely sure what Im doing wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Repo link:

Your workflow file excludes the “master” branch for both push and pull_request events, while master is the only branch in your repository. I assume that’s why the workflow isn’t running. :wink:

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Oh son of a gun, I forgot I added that :laughing:

I have one more question, how can I refer to package scripts inside the .yml file or do I just need to copy and paste the scripts into the file.

I checked your repo, it is a npm package. In your workflow, after checking out the source code,
you could just use npm run <name> command to run the scripts specified in package.json .

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