Github actions are not shown in the draft PR from a fork

I have made a draft PR from my fork for a repository. This is the first time, this repo is using Github Actions.

Although the actions are shown in my fork:,

they don’t show up in the PR that is made:

@aminya ,

I also tested and can reproduce the same issue as you reported:

  1. Have an original repository with some resource files, and never set any workflow YAML file in .github/workflows directory.
  2. Forked from the original repository, in the forked repository set the workflow runs on push and pull_request event. The workflow can be triggered as expected in the forked repository.
  3. Open a PR to merge changes from the forked repository to the original repository, but the workflow is not triggered, but it should be triggered as expected.

Then I continued the following steps:
4. Complete the merge to let the changes merged, in the original repository, the workflow is triggered by push.
5. Make some new changes in the forked repository, and open a new PR to merge the new changes, in this time I can see the workflow is triggered by pull_request , the workflow turns to work as expected.

Looks like, it is similar to this ticket, and they seem are caused by the same reason.

Currently the workaround is, in the original repository, to set a workflow runs on push event and then push something to trigger this workflow. Or do as the step 4, 5 I mentioned above.

Also as I mentioned in that ticket, we had reported this issue to the the appropriate engineering team, the team is investigating this issue.

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@aminya ,

According to the discusstion with the engineering team, this behavior is currently by design.

A fork can not introduce workflows for the first time and cause the GitHub Actions app to be installed. This prevents a malicious use from forking public repos that are not using actions and getting them to run workflows.

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