GitHub actions are not enabled by default for course repository

My course uses GitHub Actions. Template repository has a correct workflow YAML file and has actions enabled.

When I join a course to test it, it turns out that the repo created from the template doesn’t have actions enabled initially. I didn’t encounter the behaviour before. It is so maybe since yesterday. If I enable actions immeadiately after starting the course, everything is fine, but I remember that this used to be the default.


@hectorsector Are you able to comment on this?

Hm, you’re right @ntaranov, as far as I know they’re enabled by default, and the docs agree. You didn’t by chance disable actions on this repo?

@davenowell are you able to replicate the issue?

@hectorsector, currently they are enabled for the template. I checked multiple times, student repositories were created with actions being disabled. Of course, I have been enabling them any time I tested the course.

I’m also exchanging emails with Cynthia Rich about it. She might have additional info.