Github actions are down (runners are offline)

Thought I’d share here as well after 4 hours of debugging before finding this out since Github doesn’t inform its customers directly -

My runners went offline one after the other and I ended up uninstalling some of them before realizing the problem is in the server side.

Extremely disappointed of this, Github. Never had this happen with other vendors.

be glad to have learned, that that also can happen, not disappointed.
Guess the next time you’ll check this also first :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I need Github to learn. As a user, I expect the platform to work. If it doesn’t work - error messages are expected in the context of the application, and not by specific request on another domain.

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if you have a error, always is needed to check all possible reasons. If you are a newby, you have learned a very useful lesson.
If not, the lesson was much more useful than you think.
Simple causes have more probability, but not always are the reason.
If my software I made doesn’t work the way I like, it also can be the other user or that I don’t thought in special cases.