Github Actions API list workflow runs purpose of parameter created

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the docs for listing runs of a Github action workflow specify a parameter created but do not say what it’s for. I only know its a string :grin:

I also tried to look through the types of octokit/openapi spec which also just tells me its a string. I assume the docs are generated from the spec, or at least parts of it.

Would be interested to know what I can do with this parameter.
Thank you for any hints :smile:

You can filter runs by its created_at property.


Interestingly, the actions API pagination only returns 10 pages even if it tells you in its link header that there are more than 10 pages. This is intentional as per GitHub support. Though not documented :yum: So if you want runs further in the past than the last 1000 (query param per_page=100 and page=10) you can use the created param :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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