GitHub Actions API - Get Workflow Runs missing parent ID?

The result of calling the Get Workflow Runs API does not include a pointer to its parent workflow ID, while calling the Get Workflow Run Jobs API does include the ID of the Workflow run it is associated with. Is this an oversight? At the moment there is no way to associate a workflow run result to a specific workflow when retrieving all workflow runs for a repo, which seems like a problem.

I did notice that there is a “workflow_url” which refers to the parent, but that appears to be the only reference to the parent ID in the entire response. Since parsing URLs for missing fields doesn’t feel like a great idea, here I am. :slight_smile:


At the time of this writing, a workflow run object has a workflow_id field containing the ID of the corresponding workflow. See, for example, the example response in List workflow runs for a repository.

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