GitHub Actions and IP address restriction feature

I set GitHub Actions in my repo, but no action was executed even if the trigger conditions were met, and no listing on the Actions tab.
Since I was using the IP address restriction function of GitHub, when I released it, the action was executed.
I believe that GitHub could not access the YAML file defining the workflow due to IP address restrictions.
I understand that IP Address Restriction is a beta version, but is this situation likely to improve?

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have submitted your issue to the appropriate engineering team for further evaluation. The team will review the feedback and notify me about the next steps. I will update here once I receive their response. 

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If I am right, you are uing GitHub Enterprise Cloud. 

I have confirmed that Github Enterprise Cloud currently do not support to use GitHub Actions with IP address restriction feature. And Github Enterprise Cloud team said that It is somthing they would need to look into. Thank you for reporting this problem again. 

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