GitHub Actions 500 error on Delete Artifact


Have been struggling with this all day and would love it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

I am using the GitHub Action LakMoore/gha-remove-artifacts which is a forked version of c-hive/gha-remove-artifacts I just added a little more debug text so I could try to figure out what is going on.

The script successfully lists workflows and artifacts from those workflows. It goes on to successfully filter out the workflows to keep but then fails to delete the artifacts that should be deleted and just throws a 500 error on each attempt. An example of the error is in the gist below.

I have confirmed the Artifact ID is correct, valid, it exists and it has not yet been deleted.

I’m probably doing something stupid somewhere but I cannot see what. Please help.

Thank you

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Interesting twist! I have just attempted to manually delete an artifact and I am receiving a “Failed to delete the artifact” error!

Does this help diagnose my problem?

:wave: Thanks for the report - I’ve had a look and I think this is a :bug:

I’ve opened an issue and I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop when I have an update.

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Hi @LakMoore - are you still having the same issue? If you are can you confirm the name of the repository where you’re seeing this?

Thanks @canuckjacq
Yes, we are having to manually delete old workflows as the script to automatically delete fails every time. The repo is Divine-Gaming-Inc/NightmareCraft

Thanks for the update - to clarify you are able to manually delete now?

Yes, I can manually delete the artifact. Or I can manually delete the workflow.
Just to check, I re-ran the task and it appears that the script IS now capable of deleting the artifacts. Did you get something changed? Thank you, it is working now.

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Nothing in the last few hours as far as I know! Let me know if it stops again :slight_smile:

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