Github Action Workflow Run on deployment


I’m trying to start a workflow with Run on deployment , but it never starts. I can see from the environment tab that the event is received, and in the end Abandonded , probably because of timeout I guess. The other workflow, which is triggered on  push , runs fine.

To be more precise I am using Hubot and hubot deploy for sending the deployment-events. 

Any tips on why the workflow does not start?

Seemed to work when I removed the other workflow.

Is it so that there is only room for one workflow? The editor seems to think otherwise.

@judoole this is very odd, it should work with more than one workflow. I just tried it out on one of my own test repositories and it seems to work, so there must be a detail we’re missing. Can you share more details about the workflows or the events your sending?

If it contains private information we can move it to if that’s easier.

I just had one more thought, which branch is the workflow located on and which ref are you sending in the deployment event?

Sorry to have bothered you @mcolyer
I just tested with a supersimple hello-worldish repository, and multiple Workflows works brilliantly.

This time I’m just testing by doing a curl to the deployments api. Might be that hubot-deploy or something else was askew with the other repository.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!