Github action will not trigger for org owner account

Hi I have github pull request actions that are working fine for non admins, but when I open a pull request from the github account that is an organization owner, it will not trigger the workflow.

Lots of my team make pull requests from forks, and the action works perfectly, but for my owner account, it will not trigger the action whether I make the pull request from a local branch or from a remote fork, either way if I use my owner account to make the pull request, the action is never triggered at all, the actions tab shows nothing at all, like I did nothing, even when I make the same exact pull request that triggers the workflow when I am logged in as a regular user account.

Does anyone know why opening a pull request as an organization owner account would not trigger the action workflow to run?


If this is still an issue, then I suggest you use the feedback form or contact support. These forums aren’t the best place to report problems.