Github Action triggering but stuck as below for more than 20 minutes

Github Action is triggering I can see it in the workflows. However it is the start state as per the below screenshot for about more than 20 minutes now which usually takes just about 2-3 minutes to run.

Any idea how to fix this? 


i’m pretty sure github action is having some kind of problem now, mine also keep hanging.


Same issue here.


I started having this issue about 2 hours ago (~8am PST). No incidents being reported on as of now. Kind of a bummer.

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Having the same issue on a public repository with 2 jobs stuck queued and nothing happening.


Mine also show as Queued but I think they have already been run even if it shows them as Queued.

One of the actions builds and pushes a docker image and the images that would have been pushed by the Queued runs show in Docker Hub.


Mine have been queued for the past 2 hours. Cancelling them does nothing. 


I have multiple actions in 2 repo’s also stuck, going past 2 hours now

I am also seeing this. But I also saw a build announce success in slack even though it still stuck.

thank you you’re right :slight_smile:

I just got a message from support.  But my actions are still stuck for the moment.

Hello -

Thanks for the report! Our engineers have been investigating and have a potential mitigation in place. Builds should start getting unstuck but if that’s not the case for you, please let us know.

Thank you,

IME “Potential mitigation” usually means “we think this might fix it; let’s give it a try”


Got the same issue - two stuck (one of which should be cancelled since I pushed new commits) workflows for 4+ hours. Before that they were starting almost instantly. So, good time to have some rest or focus on other tasks.