[Github Action] Triggering action by PR comment - action dosn't return status

Hi Everyone,

I have strange issue with github action, let me describe step by step:


Creating PullReqest → manually verification by some specific text in PR comment like “ok” → PR can be merged.

I decided to use gihub action + setting in branch protection like:

Require status checks to pass before merging

Where is problem:

After creation PR, github action is triggered by right comment, but status is not returned to PR.

Looks like:

Some checks haven’t completed yet

1 expected check

deploy ExpectedWaiting for status to be reported

I used example from:

I also tried to use Github API by POST status, like described here:

Do you have some experience or idea why the status is not updated?

If I use other trigger like:

on: pull_request: types: [opened]

works good.