GitHub action to broken/confusing UX

Apart from organisation owners - nobody can see packages created by GitHub actions.

We have 15 repositories generating docker images. I see them all. Our devops guy (who is not org owner/admin)(we’re working for a client) cannot see the packages and nobody else can either.

This is dreadful - and I’ve read posts from other users going back to October. Vaccine is out, panic time is over, time to think clearly, get organised and fix the mess that is the GitHub packages/containers story.

@bryanhuntesl do you have inherited repository permissions enabled for these packages?

This would enable the same permissions on the packages that you have on the repositories that create them. So if your devops guy has read access to the repo, they’ll have read access to the package/etc


Thanks, Mark, I think that solves it. What’s confusing is how the packages stuff isn’t really integrated with the regular repository stuff. That was really hard to find that setting, actually the docs aren’t 100% because you need to :

  • goto org
  • goto org/packages
  • goto org/packages/package
  • scroll down the page
  • click on “package settings” which is by default at the bottom left side, instead of at the top as is the existing UI pattern in github, by default on a browser window sized to 1200x2000 that’s off-screen
  • scroll down again and enable inherited access.

Anyhow, I really appreciate your help, we lost hours on this yesterday, I hope someone in UX department can make this workflow more intuitive/consistent some day.