Github Action stuck

While running my workflow, Github Action is stuck and is still in Queue. Neither cancellation works

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Hi @aman-koco, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! There’s currently a major incident that’s causing new Actions workflow runs to remain queued. The engineering team are aware and investigating so I’d recommend keeping an eye on our incident page here for updates:

Hi again, thanks for your patience during this incident this morning, and sorry for any disruption caused.

The engineering team have deployed a fix so your Actions workflows should now queue and run correctly again. The team believe that most queued jobs will recover and run correctly but this may not happen immediately.

Secondly, search on the Actions page and via the API may return incomplete results. If you have an application, integration, or workflow that relies on this then be aware that these results may be incomplete for the next few days.

Hi there! We have a workflow that got stuck in-queue as well. Although following triggers worked, we were unable to cancel that specific run and I was wondering if that would eventually fill up our monthly quota?

Is there a way to cancel that workflow by force or will it fail by itself after a certain amount of time?

Hey @aoozdemir! Is the run your talking about showing as “running” or still “queued” right now?

I believe any actual queued jobs should now have run. If you’re still seeing jobs as “queued” then it’s likely that these jobs have actually been dropped and will not run. The engineering team is still investigating to see the impact of this, but a background task should run and clean up any dropped runs over the next day or so. I’ll report back if I hear any news or updates on this!

Hey @thomasshaped, I meant in “queued”. However, I now realize my question is a bit stupid. For some reason, I thought it got stuck on running and got confused.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: