GitHub action stuck on queued

I have an action to be triggered on push even. 

It has been queued for quite a while.  I tried to cancel the job, and then tried another push and it is stuck at queued too. I even tried to remove the repo and push again, but still the same problem.


Same here. It seems just down because I have a CI finished 3 hours ago. I was looking for a state dashboard or something like that but didn’t find any. Only several closed issues in past months.

Yeah, it was working a few hours ago, and suddenly it stopped, and I couldn’t find any recent issues, as you said only several closed issues in past months.

Whether your workflows were running on GitHub-hosted runners?

About 3 or 4 hours ago, my workflows running on GitHub-hosted runners were stuck at queue time, and now they are all back to work on my side. The self-hosted runners always work fine.

Please check if the problem has gone on your side.


Yes, it’s GitHub hosted runners.

and yes, now it’s working and the problem has gone.

thank you

Same here! I even tried adding a self-hosted runner to my workflows, but still the same issue and now it directly fails. PLEASE HELPP !!