Github action stuck at queue

Me too!

There was a failure in sending the provision message: Unexpected response code from remote provider BadRequest"
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not just me😂

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+1 here to - and no button to retry so have to just wait and push new builds screwing history

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what’s going on and at which age this gonna be solved ? @github-staff 

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There’s a retry button in the top left right of job log screen

Edit: said wrong side

Edit 2: retries don’t work for me either, the build still cancels, I am posting this because someone was saying they had to push changes and mess w/ their git history to retry the build. You don’t have to push an empty commit, you can hit the retry button.


Retry doesn’t work for me. I’m guessing this is another degradation event of the service.


Retry not working for me either, just to clarify. Was mentioning because it isn’t necessary to push new commits to trigger builds to see if its working yet.

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Retrying does not work.

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agree retry gets same results… obviously an issue with github itself :(  

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The concerning thing is isn’t treating this as an incident. It seems that a flood of 4xx’s warrants some eyes and some public acknowledgement


Agreed. Should be on status page by now. I have been receiving this error for about a half hour now.


Getting the same error.

It has been all morning for us. Since at least 930. 

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I am also experiencing this issue right now… Still waiting for an status page update!

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Actions get to “Starting your workflow run” and then get canceled after a minute or two. I’ve tried running on ubuntu-latest and ubuntu-16.04 with no luck. These actions were working fine yesterday.

What’s ironic is that one of my reasons for switching to GitHub Actions was because it seemed to be more stable than self-hosted Jenkins. 😊


Same here, just started happening… The following annotations occur and then the workflow errors out:

There was a failure in sending the provision message: A timeout occurred while sending request to the remote provider.

There was a failure in sending the provision message: Unexpected response code from remote provider BadRequest

Provisioning request delayed or failed to send 5 time(s). This is over the limit of 3 time(s).

I just contacted GH about this, I’d recommend everyone else do the same.


@joebrinkman-earnin  yes why is it irony is never in our favor hehe… Some days it feels like every step closer to deployment automation we get, the more things screw up :frowning:

Same issue happened in my repo. If GitHub not willing to add arbitary manual trigger workflow, at least add a manual trigger option on failed build. Right now I have to re-trigger the build by using the hacky workaround found on internet…

UPDATE: I just re-ran a build and it’s actually working now! :crossed_fingers:t3:they continue working.