Github action step getting stuck

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I am very new to Github actions, and just trying to learn how to create the steps. I am creating my very first Github action here, and one of my steps hangs. I wonder if anyone can help me to understand what I am missing. Create github-actions.yml · ErinRenNumber1/erin-ren-sandbox@8d0a9c0 · GitHub

Basically, I am trying to download shopify CLI, and try to print the version. On my local machine, shopify version prints correctly. I don’t understand why it hangs as a step here. Any help would be appreciated!

The problem is that shopify * wants to ask interactive questions at first launch even when there isn’t a tty (this is a bug).

 % shopify version
? Would you like to enable anonymous usage reporting?
If you select “Yes”, we’ll collect data about which commands you use and which errors you encounter.
Sharing this anonymous data helps Shopify improve this tool.
 (Choose with ↑ ↓ ⏎)
  1. yes
> 2. no

Fwiw, I tried:

shopify config analytics off < /dev/null

And that didn’t work either.

It is possible to drop a config file into place in order to bypass the (invisible) prompt:

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Thank you so much @jsoref! :smiley: