Github action staying Queued for days at a time

We are running a Github Action that is triggered on a check_suite hook.  This action runs great on our pull requests, however whenever we merge the PR we notice these actions are not run on the merge commit.

When we look at the Checks for that commit, we can see the Github Action as “Queued” as if it never gets kicked off to actually run. Even commits from a few days ago, the actions are still stuck as queued. I can’t find anything in the docs that mention that actions won’t run on the master branch or anything that would indicate the check_suite hook doesn’t not get triggered for commits to master either.

Am I missing something though? Or is there some other reason a Github Action could stay “Queued” for days at a time? Thanks for any help!


To add more context, this is our workflow:

workflow "Github checks" {
  on = "check_suite"
  resolves = ["Check master"]

action "Check master" {
  uses = "./.github/actions"
  secrets = ["GITHUB_TOKEN"]

And here’s a screenshot of what we see for the master branch, the Actions just stay “Queued” for indefinite lengths of time:

The action does run great on PRs / other branches though, even if the CI tests fail. Is this just a master branch thing?

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Hi @joeellis,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

I’ve just passed your feedback over to the product team internally to consider, I can also see there is ongoing discussions surrounding how we might approach failed actions and triggering separate flows or disregarding these. I don’t have any further information I can share at present, nor a timeline for if or when this might be implemented.

However, I can confirm this is something we are actively looking into!