GitHub action status 'Action Required' for external pull requests (pull_request_review[_comment] event)

I wrote a workflow which makes a graphql query to GitHub for comment resolution status.

It basically works for internal pull requests from collaborators but when receiving a PR from an external fork it seems that it doesn’t run at all and instead the Action status is “Action Required”. There are no logs and it appears that the workflow doesn’t even begin.

Example failing run here: Update · melink14/rikaikun@e4e6689 · GitHub

According to the docs when conclusion is action_required a details_url should also be included but in this case there is none. Is there a bug in the GitHub Actions app?

Here is the check_suite URL for an example run which shows the conclusion but no details:

Here’s an example of it working for internal PR:

Here’s an example of it working for pull_request event for external fork:

It seems like maybe pull_request_review_comment/pull_request_review may have bugs (as they also don’t trigger as a PR status check which I’ll open another thread for).

(note: if I re-run the jobs they start and run correctly so it might be an unreported permissions problem?)