Github action 'registry_package'-event triggered multiple times

I push a single package to the GithubPackageRepository and the workflow (with following action.yml) is triggered six times. Any ideas what’s the problem with this workflow or how can i decrease the trigger count to one.

name: Trigger - new package uploaded

on: [registry_package]

runs-on: ubuntu-latest
-uses: actions/checkout@v2
-run: echo ${{ github.event.action }}

The echo-output is ‘published’ on every triggered workflow? Furthermore there is no documentation about this trigger-event?

Thank you in advance for any help!


I cannot repo with your code on my side. Only one workflow is triggered not six. The echo-output is ‘published’. please check my link here for more details: How did you push the package? Did you update the package for 6 times? It’s recommended to check the package version and package numbers for confirmation. Regarding the event doc, i have raised an internal ticket to ask for update. Thanks!

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I published the package from a local testproject (in Gradle) with the gradle publish task. Maybe is there a problem with the maven package registry, because the publish task is triggered only once.

I’ll do a check with the npm registry later today.

Thank you so far. :slight_smile:

Okay I’ve tested this behaviour with the npm package upload and here the action is triggered as expected only once. Seems to be a bug with Maven package registry!

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Hi @saltcreek-tom ,

I created a maven package and checked event ‘registry_package’, now i can repro the same with you, multiple workflows are triggered. Thank you for reaching this out!

Since the event doc is not created, i have raised an internal ticket to confirm, i will update once there’s a response.


Same problem here, workflow triggered 6 times:

name: Publish to Maven Central
    types: [published]
jobs: ...

I encountered the same issue 4 months ago and I was expecting it to be resolved but still the same, anyone managed to solve it ?

Still happening as of June 2021, any updates on this issue?
(registry_package event triggered 6 times after pushing a Maven package)