GitHub action on [push] not running on push

I have a GitHub Action (build and deploy) that is supposed to run immediately after any push to the repository. And it does any time I push code from the command line.

But it does not run when the other action (get recipes) that I have pushes changes to the repository. that seems odd to me because I would assume a push from the command line is the same as a push from another action.

Why is this, and how can I get the action to trigger when the other action pushes a commit?

I know how to trigger the second action any time the first action completes (using workflow_run), but I don’t want that, because most of the time the first action runs it doesn’t make any changes, so there’s no need to run the follow-up action

Any help is greatly appreciated.

That is intentional, if you’re using the default authentication with GITHUB_TOKEN:

When you use the repository’s GITHUB_TOKEN to perform tasks on behalf of the GitHub Actions app, events triggered by the GITHUB_TOKEN will not create a new workflow run. This prevents you from accidentally creating recursive workflow runs.

The quote is from the documentation on Triggering new workflows using a personal access token, which also describes the way to trigger new workflows using a PAT if that’s what you want.