Github Action `on: create` not trigerring

Hello there,

I have a project under the form of a template that is supposed to trigger a GitHub Actions workflow when the user click on “use this template”

This is the Workflow in question.

It use to work great but now, more often than not when a user click on “use this template” the workflow template_initialization.yaml doesn’t trigger.

Thank you for your help and for the otherwise amassing services.

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I can reproduce the same problem.

According to my tests, if the workflow runs on the create event is never triggered on the template repository, when creating a new repository with the template repository, the workflow will not be triggered on the new repository.

However, after I triggered the workflow at least once on the template repository, the problem no longer occurs. When I tried again to create a new repository with the template repository, the workflow can be triggered as expected on the new template repository.

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Could this be somehow related to the changed default branch name (master > main)?

For taking the time to investigate. It works now.

@Simran-B Thank you for your answer as well. I had migrated to using develop instead of master a while ago in anticipation.