GitHub action not triggering on push

Does anyone else experiencing the same issue?

My actions were working about 8 hours ago. Now every time I try to test pushing to trigger them, nothing happens.

It was working about couple of hours ago. It’s down for me as well

We’re getting an error message as well.


An unexpected error occurred when executing this workflow. Please submit a new support request using our Support website:

Please include this unique ID in your request: (redacted)

Same here - workflow does not run on push, I believe it may be caused from the current outage

I get this on the top of my actions workflows

More info here:

@saw-mon-and-natalie ,

Several hours ago, we all encountered the same trouble.

This is caused by the recent incident about GitHub:

The appropriate engineering team has taken some measures to fix this problem.

Now, the  problem has gone on my side. Please check if it also has gone on your side.

Any progress, fell free to contact us.