GitHub Action not starting

Hi all! Hoping you can help me sort this out.


I am attempting to create a GitHub Actions workflow and I am unsure why it isn’t being triggered or shown; I’m not getting any feedback as to why. I’m sure I must be missing something.

YAML file is on the master branch:

Expected Behavior

* Push a commit into the docs branch (e.g. a PR being merged or a commit being made)

* Action is triggered

* Docs branch is pulled, built using Hugo, and pushed into the gh-pages branch

* GitHub pages then serves the content.

Actual Behavior

* Make a change to the docs branch (have tried PR merges and direct commits)

* Nothing happens

I can’t figure out what is off about the Actions workflow that is causing it to be unable to be triggered. 

Can anyone provide some insight?

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Hi @seankilleen !  I saw your request and wanted to help out.

I looks like your workflow is not getting triggered because the docs branch didn’t have a workflow.  In fact, the worflow file is only  on the master branch.

I submitted a PR:

Hope that it helps!


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Thank you @managedkaos!

Can you help me understand why an action on the master branch that is scoped to the docs branch not have this affect? Is it that a workflow by the same name needs to exist in all relevant branches?

Creating a workflow file
Commit your changes in the workflow file to the branch where you want your workflow to run.

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Very helpful. Thank you so much again!

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