Github Action Not Showing

I am trying to create an action that publishes to pypi when a release is created.  I am not seeing the action show up on the action tab though.  Does that mean there is a bug in the action code or am I missing somehting else?



Hi @rogebrd,

This all looks correct to me. It will show up in the Actions tab after the first run.

It should have started when your last release was created. We did have an incident yesterday & it’s possible the event was dropped (unlikely, but we should rule that possibility out). Could you try creating another release and see if it runs?


Appears to be working now.  I am noticing that this section of code appears to not be working:

- name: Build Sources
      run: |
        python sdist
      if: ${{ matrix.python-version }} == '3.x'

Specifically the if section of this.  It appears to have ran for both python 2.7 and 3.x.  Do you know if there is any issue with my syntax?

@rogebrd ,

Yeah, you use an incorrect syntax for the if conditional , reference the description from the docs about Context and expression syntax for GitHub Actions:

When you use expressions in an if conditional, you do not need to use the expression syntax (${{ }}) because GitHub automatically evaluates the if conditional as an expression.

So the correct syntax is:

- name: Build Sources
      if: matrix.python-version == '3.x'
      run: |
        python sdist

In addition, a summary for your first question:

After you have created a new workflow, this workflow will not be listed on " Actions" tab until it is triggered for the first run.

Great, I must have missed something when I was reading through the documentation.  Thanks for your help

Seems like I am having the same issue.

I created a workflow from template - pushed two tag releases and still nothing on actions page -

Am I missing something obvious?