Github Action not going to build latest Dockerfile from the repo.

Hello All,

          I’m testing the Github Action workflow as part of my journy im using a single python hello world application in my docker file, but there is have typo in the dockerfile , i’m fixed the typo but i’t still build older docker file from the repo.

repo :

Thank you for posting your question in GitHub Community Forum.

I checked your repo, I found that you are using v1.1 of your action now. And the latest workflow run succeeded

uses: ajilraju/helloworld-actions@v1.1

I checked your releases, and I found that you fixed dockerfile typo since v1.1. So use v1.1 will use the fixed dockerfile.

When you fixed something in a new release, I would suggest you to use the latest release version when using actions in your workflow yml.

Currently, you could use v1.3.

uses: ajilraju/helloworld-actions@v1.3