Github Action Issue


we have a flow of automatic release-deploy which looks like the following:

  • Release workflow that fires on pull_request=closed events (merged ones) that gets latest tag, increment it and create a release.
  • Deploy workflow that fires on release=created events that deploys the code to production

The Deployment workflow view shows the latest workflow that were run , when their name is the release version and there is indication they were triggered by release event.

1.2.3: PR1 ( Deploy #2: Release [1.2.3] create by bot)
1.2.4: PR2 (Deploy #3: Release [1.2.4] create by bot)
1.2.5: PR3 (Deploy #4: Release [1.2.5] create by bot)
Deploy (Deploy #5: created by bot)
1.2.6: PR5 (Deploy #6: Release [1.2.6] create by bot)

as you can see, i’ve noticed that one of the PR that were merged, indeed triggered a release-deploy workflow.
BUT, on the release workflow the release 1.2.6 were supposed to created (1.2.6: PR4) but wasnt created.
the Deploy job did triggered (#5), and deploy the version 1.2.6 but when looking on it it seems the event is the commit of the merged commit and not ‘release’ although it does deploy “1.2.6” version.

the more scary thing is that the next PR that were merge, sees still the latest tag/release is 1.2.6 and created a release 1.2.6 and deploy it again on Deploy 6. (different code though).

how can it be?
any events to see if someone deleted the release after deploy #5 and thats the reason for this wierdiness? any suggestion where to look for?

Was PR5 merged while the workflows were starting up for the PR4 merge? Maybe both runs saw “latest = 1.2.5” and incremented to 1.2.6, instead of PR4 getting 1.2.6 and PR5 getting 1.2.7.