Github action is disabled for our repo v6d-io/v6d

Github actions has been disabled for public org repo v6d-io/v6d, as the following snapshot:

May I know what happens to our project and what could I do to recover the Github Actions for our repo!

We have also noticed some of the action runs takes more than 18 hours, e.g., docstring · v6d-io/v6d@0947282 · GitHub

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sighingnow, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! You’ll need to reach out to GitHub support privately to fix this. We aren’t able to help in the public forum as it may involve sharing sensitive information. I’d recommend opening a ticket with the support team and someone will be in touch soon to assist.

Thank you Thomas, I do have open a ticket on github support and hasn’t received any response for two days. Thus I’m here to ask for help.

May I know how could I raise my ticket to github stuffs in a easier way?

Thanks in advance!