GitHub action in response to pull_request that doesn't create a status check?

I am trying to set up a GitHub action that will auto-merge PRs if they are in a mergeable state (pass all checks, etc).

My setup looks a bit like this:

name: Auto-Merge Pull Requests

      - master
      - opened
      - reopened

    name: auto_merge
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v1
      - uses: ./.github/actions/auto_merge

Inside of the action, my rudimentary plan is to simply poll the GitHub API until the PR is in a clean state, or some timeout occurs.

However, I have discovered that this GitHub action is itself creating a pending status check on the PR, which only goes green once the action stops running. So I fundamentally cannot achieve what I want to, as the action itself places the PR in a non-mergeable state.

How can I run a GitHub Action without creating a new status check on the PR? I have looked all over the docs and cannot find any information on this.

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