Github Action Hackathon- Action Rejected


My Action for github action hackathon got rejected saying that it is not a usable action,

Please solve this issue ASAP,So that I can submit it urgently with correction.

Link to my repo-


 I asked my question here too,Didn’t get the responses.


I think you must create a release and add it to the marketplace.

Your action is broken because action.yml is all commented out

Hi @potential17 ,

Github actions only have two types currently:  Docker container and JavaScript actions.

I cannot find related code/strucure in your repo. You need to follow the github actions doc to create the actions, otherwise it’s not a usable action.

Creating a Docker container action

Creating a JavaScript action

Please also refer to the doc about how to create a workflow, then you can use it to check your actions.

BTW, i notice your post has some reply now, please kindly check. Make sure to store the credentical safely in encrypted secrets.



Thanks for the response,

I have submitted that updated yml file yesterday but again it states that

action.yml is missing required items and gets rejected.

Will surely keep your comments in guideline while submitting next time.