Github Action gives NotWritableError involving miniconda and R

I have a github action that suddenly stoped working in the last four days.
The github action involves setting up python 3, miniconda and R, where reticulate is used to communicate between R and Python. This is to test an R-package that needs to download models when certain functions are tested.

The action worked before, and then unexpectedly I get the following error:

> library(testthat)
> test_check("test")
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): ...working... failed

NotWritableError: The current user does not have write permissions to a required path.
  path: /usr/local/miniconda/pkgs/cache/b89cf7bf.json
  uid: 501
  gid: 20

If you feel that permissions on this path are set incorrectly, you can manually
change them by executing

  $ sudo chown 501:20 /usr/local/miniconda/pkgs/cache/b89cf7bf.json

In general, it's not advisable to use 'sudo conda'.

Thanks in advance


You can try to check with the following steps:

  1. Have you changed some configurations in the workflow file?

  2. If you are using GitHub-hosted runners to run the workflow, try using the self-hosted runners.

  3. if you did not change the configurations in the workflow file, there may have some issue occurs on the runners. You can try to report an issue to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation on the “actions/runner” repository.