Github Action Eslint problem


Im setting up a Github action to identify any linting issues and automatically fix them, but Im having some trouble with the action.

It keeps running this “Unknown event” after each Github action, see below image.

I’ve also noticed the action is poiting out I have a number of issues with my code, see image below

But this seems odd, it’s almost like it’s taking into account node_modules.

Could someone lend a hand please :slight_smile:

Repository link:

Weird errors which seem to break the action completely :confused:

It seems like the problems are related: the action is fixing things in node_modules and then trying to commit them but node_modules are ignored… so there is nothing to commit. I’m not sure if this is right, but node_modules should be ignored by default in eslint. You eslintignore spec feels off though:


Should just be:


Just ignore everything in node modules. Additionally you might want to add a .prettierignore with the same.

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Hi Heffrafter,

I added the prettier ignore and and adjusted the eslintignore but Im still getting this error.

So I got it to work by removing the custom commit message, I beleive that was causing the issue.

I do have one concern a weird unkown event runs after the actions have completed.

The error contradicts itself, I want single quotes but it wants double WTF :laughing: so confused why it’s doing this.

I fixed the quotes issue after finding this Im now getting decent error messages which I can fix in the morning. Linting + auto fixing works :slight_smile: