GitHub Action CI issue with R package remotes possibly misspelled, files in DESCRIPTION

We use GitHub Actions for our CI checks for our R packages. Every once in a while we get an error in one of the operating system/R version combos when all the rest pass. I am unsure of how to fix and if something is actually wrong.

 See section ‘The DESCRIPTION file’ in the ‘Writing R Extensions’


❯ checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE

  Maintainer: ‘John Doe <>’

  Version contains large components (

  Unknown, possibly misspelled, fields in DESCRIPTION:

When I review the DESCRIPTION file it does not appear to have any syntax issues and since the other operating systems we check on works I am unsure of what is causing the error.

Have other R developers noticed this behaviour when using GitHub Actions for thier CI checks? Our actions are styled off of the tidyverse and R-libs