GitHub action checkouts are failing on ubuntu-18.04


From this morning (02/12/2021 04:00 AM EDT) we started seeing GitHub action checkouts are hanging and failing after 10 minutes timeout on Ubuntu-18.04 runners.

I’ve also been experiencing Github acitons failing on ubuntu-latest as of today. I even re-ran a job that worked three days ago and it failed today.

I am not sure what’s happening… I checked and looks all green but my github action is failing here and I am not getting any response from the GitHub even I created ticket 1414357 with GitHub

Determining the checkout info
Checking out the ref
  /usr/bin/git checkout --progress --force refs/remotes/pull/4353/merge

I didn’t expect this from GitHub support team.

We troubleshooted further. GitHub checkouts are taking more than 13 minutes… Does anybody know why it’s taking 13 minutes and It’s started happing from this morning