Github action cannot find the files of my R package

I am trying to get Github Action to check my package. The package compiles fine (not even a note) on my computer. I created a yaml script to go into the github workflow directory using usethis::use_github_action_check_standard() but it fails with a bunch of warnings like

No files were found with the provided path: check. No artifacts will be uploaded.

The path check is a temporary directory created by rcmdcheck for storing files. So, I presume it is a problem connected with this command. But everything was created by the usethis utility and nobody else seems to have the same problem.

I am a GA newbe but I looked around a lot and the last fix I tried was to manually add a step to install imported and suggested packages, as suggested in stackoverflow questions “use-github-package-r-actions”, to no avail. (sorry I can only add 2 links per post).

the yaml script is here

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

I solved this problem by moving the master branch to main.