Github Action Billing for Data Transfer


I read that “storage and data transfer” are billed in Github Actions. What does that “data transfer” mean? If I try to use Github Actions to build an Android project, and I download Android SDK or NDK, does this count as part of “data transfer”? NDK contributes to nearly 900MB and so I am a bit confused with the definition of “data transfer”.

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Could you show me where you saw this? Typically “data transfer” refers to the bandwidth that you use on your own repositories, but the context you saw this in will help us figure out what it meant!

If you want to allow organizations owned by your enterprise account to use GitHub Actions beyond the storage or data transfer included in their accounts, you can prepay for overages.


The “data transfer” part seems a bit vague.
The reason I ask this is, I am trying to download NDK (since the machine doesn’t come with NDK), and it’s around 900MB. It takes around 1m27s for this. I tried to cache this, and the cache takes around 1m40s. So if I am not going to be charged for download, then I don’t care for caching and would directly pull from the internet.

Just to clarify your issue here first - the NDK is available on all the GitHub virtual machines. It should be listed here:

So you should just have to point to it, instead of repeatedly downloading it.

If you are constantly downloading a resource from outside GitHub, that will come off your allocation.

I required an older version of the NDK, and the Available version was the latest one.
So instead of downloading an older version everytime, I just updated my code to work with the latest one.
All is well now.

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