Github action and build status

Hi. I recently configured Github action on my project. And the action is triggered only on dev, staging branch. It works properly as I expected, but I wonder why the green check icons, as a screenshot shows, appear on the right side of other branches.

For example, I’ve merged ‘feature/push-notification’ branch into ‘dev’ branch. I think the icon is supposed to locate on ‘dev’ branch, but it’s not

Would you explain why the icon is positioned in there?

Hi, if Build/Deploy has a push trigger with no particular filter, then it most likely ran when a user pushed to feature/recommendations, which is why the green checkmark appears next to the branch.

What does ‘particular filter’ mean? Is there another configuration that appears on only desired branches?

Here is my workflow file.

name: Build/Deploy

    branches: [ dev, staging ]
      - 'v*.*.*'

And actions are triggered by specific branches I specified on the workflow file.