Github-action: action in private repository

The reason for moving that back and forth is most probably that it is too big. It has bunch of stuff that that is not only about Actions. I wonder if they could’ve split it.

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I’m just going to add a +1 for another enterprise that could really use this feature.

+1 for this feature.

+1 for this feature,too

+1 From our organization too.
One of the big reason we just moved to GitHub is Actions!
But this I did not expect to have been an issue!

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moved to 21q4 :frowning:


Any update from GitHub on this?

Perhaps re-usable internal workflows might be a stopgap - Reusing workflows - GitHub Docs

And I was just linked to Private Actions Checkout · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

Sadly, the issue at

has had its description updated:

This feature enables users to reference actions in privateworkflows to use actions in internal repositories, without having to publish those actions to the GitHub Marketplace.

Intended Outcome
Currently, to use an action in an Actions workflow its code must be in the same repository as the workflow, or a separate public repository, or published to the GitHub Marketplace. This feature allows Actions workflows to use actions that have their code in a privatean internal repository, which is important for customers that need to keep the code of their action private.

How will it work?
Users will be able to reference a private action from a workflow that exists in the same organization or enterprise account without having to setup a Personal Access Token (PAT) in each repository. More information will be provided at a later point.

How will it work?
Users will be able to mark an internal repository as accessible to any workflow that exists in the same enterprise account.

So it applies only to Enterprise accounts now.