GitHub Account Suspended - Does it take a while for response?

Hi, my original GitHub account - james-d12 got suspended 7 days. I’ve sent a support request to GitHub about 7 days ago asking for my account to get unsuspended or at least give me a reason as to why it was suspended (other than saying I broke one of the terms and conditions). This account is really important to me as it has around 15 of my personal projects hosted on there.

I haven’t heard a response yet from GitHub support and was wondering if it normally takes this long (7 days) to get a response back?

Many thanks.


I’m afraid we’re unable to deal with flagged accounts or suspensions in the forums. The length of time for a review often depends on why you were restricted and which team will need to perform the review. I’m sorry that I don’t have more information than that.

Hi, thanks for letting me know. If I still dont get a response from github support within the next week, how could I ‘escalate’ my support request to get more attention?


my account also get suspended . i even don’t know the reason. i messaged them through support, but i got no response . My eye is on the mail all time. All the codes of my projects are gone. I just hope they get back soon.