GitHub account blocked - No response

Hello - I travelled to Crimea for vacation and accessed my GitHub account while there. My whole team is now unable to run our CI/CD process with Heroku! We have now been locked out!

I filled out the appeal form (Individual Account Appeal Form) but have not heard from GitHub! It has been several days!!!

I am neither a resident of Crimea nor was I made aware in advance of this happening. My company needs access now!

Hi @cderche

First off, the experience you describe sounds incredibly frustrating and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it! I’ll do my best to help out.

After some initial searching however, I was unable to locate a ticket that would have been generated by filling out the Appeal Form you mentioned. It should have opened a ticket with your username/email, but I haven’t been able to find anything. Could you please let us know if there was a ticket ID generated when you submitted your form? You should have received at least an automated response, providing that ID.

Further, you describe that your entire team/org can’t access GitHub at all?

Could you also let us know which Organization is experiencing issues?

It would also be great to understand what you mean about your CI/CD process with Heroku. Are you using GitHub Actions to push through to Heroku? If so, do your workflow runs fail? If not, any other detail about what you’re experiencing would be very helpful in trying to resolve your issues.

Hi @nethgato ,

Yes! Incredibly frustrating!

I just filled out this airtable, Organization Account Appeal Form, as it is the organisation account that is blocked. I did not receive a confirmation number. Only a confirmation screen (see screenshot).

From a CI/CD issue, the issue is that we can not pull/clone code from GitHub right now. So we can not deploy anything.

Thanks for clarifying @cderche .

I’m going to DM you shortly.