Github 2FA plus saml/sso and 2FA

My company just added a new github repo behind an okta identity. To access this repo I have to sign-in to github as normal (with 2FA) and then additionally sign into okta (with 2FA). I updated my personal access token to ‘Enable SSO’ and then hit the authorize button. This allowed me to clone and fetch from the repo. But it won’t let me push. I receive a ‘repo not found’ error. This occurs in all versions of git: git bash, git on windows, git ubuntu, jetbrains intellij, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Have you checked with an admin of organization’s repository to see if you have write permissions?

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Yes, that was the problem. I meant to update this thread with that info. Sorry about that.


No worries! Glad You were able to get that resolved.

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