GithHub Packages - Older artifact downloaded when using maven instead of newest

I configured maven to deploy to GitHub packages @

The deployment seems to work, looking at the artifacts on the linked page I can see the newest artifacts listed.

However, when downloading the latest/snapshot artifact, an older artifact is being downloaded.

Below is the output of

<metadata modelVersion="">

As you can see, the timestamp & value tags are older than they should be (should be  20200117.202943)

Additionally, all of the snapshots should be listed in this maven-metadata.xml, but it seems only one snapshot is actually listed.

I submitted a feedback ticket to GitHub but have yet to receive a response. If anyone would have any hints as how to download the latest snapshot artifact, their help would be greatly appreciated.



I have exactly the same problem, i’m using a dependency version like this “master-SNAPSHOT”, but maven is always downloading the first timestamped SNAPSHOT (oldest artifact) , and not the latest one … Is that a bug or are we missing something ?