scraping github READMEs without license

I noticed a webpage that seems to have scraped all github repos ReadMes and republished them, regardless of which license is attached to the repo. This seems like a large-scale copyright problem but I’m not sure where to report it.

Here’s an example:
From Cos470/ at master · blackboxlogic/Cos470 · GitHub (which doesn’t specify a license)
To blackboxlogic/Cos470 - Giters

I’m not too concerned about my personal intellectual property rights, but I’m concerned about how this seems to impact every github user and their copyrighted content.

The whole domain has been taken down… So consider this resolved?

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Thanks for updating this thread!

The whole domain is back up… So consider this issue re-opened.

I am probably late here, but I have strumbled upon that website recently and I found this thread, and it seems that Giters has grown over the years… I don’t know what kind of benefit they have doing this, it’s not much profitable…

I think it’s just kind of search engine :wink: they just fetching public data nothing more. It’s not a threat

just fetching public data

… and redistributing it!

It’s not a threat

I’m not expecting physical harm, but republishing content without a license or permission from the author is the whole reason copyright exists. If I had to guess, they are farming content for SEO fraud which is not an activity I support.

How can you say that it is just a search engine it doesn’t even provide a link to the actual GitHub page it’s just scraping and cloning GitHub.
Doesn’t Github have a web scrapping protection this site is dominating the Google search results and I think it’s some kind of a Chinese website.

I am waiting and searching google to see my profile to pop up but I recently saw this page when I searched…

How to get rid of this crapy website I think it’s a good idea to report this to google so they’ll remove this site from the search results ??!??

It just cloning what is available from public API’s
It cannot clone private repos
But anyway it’s good idea to report

Of course you’re right I noticed at the end of the website,

*Copyright © 2021* Giters. Data Powerby

Even though don’t the user have rights to how and where their information is being published

They even put Copyright © 2021 too… :laughing:

I still have a problem but why ?! What are these guys’ intentions ?!?
They can’t clone the repositories because they probably don’t have Terabytes of storage

But I would have ignored it if they have provided the links to the original as suggested like a search engine

Yeah not good, But I think that copyright is about their website not about the data it fetching, last time when I saw their site they provided GitHub link if they removed that than it’s violation of copyright infringement

I think it’s no use in discussing about this because only the website owner could takedown the site which they’ll never do,

I think the Sollution are,

  1. Curse them and look away
  2. DDos there site

Which none of them are possible

Other (realistic) options include:

  • Notifying GitHub support (happening here) so they can block the scraping if they are inclined
  • Contact the site owner requesting they change behavior (though I found no contact info)
  • Use a DMCA, which might have been what took their site down for a few days.

I already emailed them about this few minutes ago…

Is these the correct ones,

GitHub Trust & Safety (GitHub Support)


Thanks for contacting us. A great first step is to try contacting the user directly; in many cases, this type of thing turns out to be a misunderstanding that can be resolved by reaching out to them. You can check their profile page for contact information, or open an issue in the repository itself. If that’s not possible, you may want to learn more about our DMCA takedown process.

If you are the copyright holder and want to have the content removed, you have the option of filing a DMCA takedown notice. Instructions, examples, and policy details are available here:


If you’re not the copyright holder, your best bet would be to contact the owner of the content and let them decide if they’d like to take action.


GitHub Trust & Safety

I think it’s just a bot replying

联系站长 Email /

I did find a contact like this one But the domain / feels a bit sketchy

Ok I got a reply from the guy he says,

I’m victor, owner of [chanpinqingbaoju/com].
The [giters/com] is not my website, we make friend links.
I resend this email to the owner : Lee
I hope it can be help you reslove problom.
By the way, I see Lee use the public data to help giters display in internet, maybe good thing for developer.


Hi,If you want to block any information, please let me know and I will delete the offending content as soon as possible.
I’m sorry for this.

I am limited to 3 replies not great.

The domain is up again.

Looks sketchy to me. There is zero “About” information on the site itself.

“If you want to block any information, please let me know and I will delete the offending content as soon as possible.” - is not sufficient.

I see no legitimate reason for this site to exist.

And even if there is intended to be a legitimate reason - in its current form (with no identifying information about who is doing it, and why), its highly dubious at best.